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How to Avoid Damaging a New Artificial Turf

Many people think that artificial grass is invisible and that nothing can harm it. After all, it is not as maintenance heavy as real grass and comes with a range…

What Makes Artificial Grass Child Friendly

If you are like most parents, you will know how difficult it is to get your children to actually play outside these days. In fact, it seems like the entire…

Melted Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has made quite the statement over the past  decade and many homeowners who are looking for high quality without the maintenance have made the swap from a natural…

The Cost of Having a Natural Lawn

Sometimes we find that people avoiding looking into artificial grass because of the costs that are associated with it and whilst the Great Grass team are educated enough to know…

Best Time to Install Artificial Grass

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to an artificial turf. After all, nobody wants to be caught short when the installation day finally rolls around….

Artificial Grass Blade Shapes

Although you may not yet be aware, there are a lot of different characteristics that set apart the types of artificial turf available on the market. Whether you’re looking for…

Things First Time Artificial Grass Buyers Do Wrong

If you think the decision to get artificial grass is a difficult one, wait until you begin considering the specifics. From the types that are available to the colours and…

Facts About Artificial Grass

The world of artificial grass is one of continual learning which means the opportunity to discover new information that you never knew about the industry is always available. Since we…