Whilst artificial turf is often an aesthetic decision there has been an increase in the amount of people who are completing a purchase based on economics. After all, it is about time that the general population started to see artificial grass for more than its realistic texture and natural looks! In this blog the team here at Great Grass are going to tell you exactly how your turf could help you save time and pocket some extra cash…


Artificial grass doesn’t grow which means that you will save yourself a considerable amount of time that would have been spent with routine garden maintenance. From the weekly lawn mowing to the trimming, planting, fertilizing and weed killing; by installing artificial grass you can say goodbye to this mountain load of responsibility once and for all.


All of this equipment and huge range of products costs hard earned cash to fund which means that you often find yourself out of pocket when it comes to the end of the month. Since you no longer require these items your bank balance will be nice and healthy with an artificial turf! Another way to deal with a natural lawn is to hire someone to carry out the work for you and whilst this will save you time it tends to cost a lot more. In fact the monthly fees for professional lawn maintenance has drawn comparisons with the cost of loaning a car! Again, an artificial turf means that you can show your gardener the door because our low maintenance guarantee means that you will no longer require their services!

Over the years artificial grass has become increasingly popular which we think is a very big step in society. After all, artificial turfs haven’t had the best reputation! From being called ‘plastic’ to being compared to a child play toy; this 1960’s sports invention surely has come a long way! For more information on everything that a turf can offer, speak to a member of the Great Grass team today