Many people think that artificial grass is invisible and that nothing can harm it. After all, it is not as maintenance heavy as real grass and comes with a range of benefits. Unfortunately however the reality of having an artificial turf involves understand how it can be damaged by things we wouldn’t normally consider a risk. Here is how to avoid ruining your new artificial turf…


There are several ways that heat can affect your turf which is why it is important to take every aspect into consideration in order to prevent irreversible damage. For example, gardens that have fire pits are at a great disadvantage in terms of heat because it can cause the turf to melt. In order to prevent this happening you should ensure that there is some kind of barrier between the turf and the pit to prevent sparks from flying out.

Gardening Tools

An artificial turf comes with a fine mesh that sits underneath in order to provide cushioning however if gardening tools such as hedge cutters were to fall into the turf this mesh can become damaged and affect how flat the turf lays or poke holes in it. To prevent this it is always best to avoid handling sharp gardening tool near or above a turf where possible.


Whilst an artificial turf does not require chemical treatments like fertiliser and weeds killer, there are other products that can chemically cause damage. For example, painting a fence above your turf runs to risk of paint staining. To avoid this kind of damage you should always lay a tarp down before painting.

Here at Great Grass we cannot understate how beneficial an artificial turf can be in your back yard. Not only do they reduce your gardening workload, they are a great aesthetic addition to any home whilst remaining nontoxic for both pets and children! In order to receive these benefits however it is important that you take all the precautions possible to avoid unintentional damage. To find out more information, get in contact with the artificial grass experts at Great Grass today!