Sometimes we find that people avoiding looking into artificial grass because of the costs that are associated with it and whilst the Great Grass team are educated enough to know that the high upfront price does not represent the cost per month to care for a false turf, most people are not. In this blog we want to take a look at natural grass and how expensive it is to have one in comparison to artificial grass…


As a troublesome growth in many British gardens the weed is something that people are always looking to get rid of. Some chose to spend hours digging into the ground in order to remove it from the root whilst other invest in bottles upon bottles of chemicals. Not only do both of these harm your natural grass, they are not a permanent solution since weeds can always root back into the soil. Plus a good quality weed killer is around £25-£30 which means that the average UK household can end up spending between £300 and £1000 a year depending on the size of their garden!


Unlike an artificial turf real grass grows and it does this quickly which means that you will require machinery in order to cut it and keep it looking neat. From lawn mowers that do an adequate job to the large driveable ones, you can be looking at a £200-£500 cost for this privilege. On top of this you then have to factor in the cost of strimmer too. As an alternative you also can pay someone to carry out the service however this cost usually rakes in at £20 per hour meaning you end up shelling out more money in the long term. On the other hand artificial grass doesn’t requiring mowing at all!

When you look at it from a maintenance point of view artificial grass is always superior because you not only manage to save money in terms of the chemicals and machinery used to treat real lawns, you also save time because there is no need to carry out any mowing or trimming. For more information about the range of products we have available, speak to a member of the Great Grass team today!