If you think the decision to get artificial grass is a difficult one, wait until you begin considering the specifics. From the types that are available to the colours and textures there is a lot to choose from and the process of having an artificial turf installed is a very detailed one. In fact, it can be so complicated that many first-time buyers make a whole load of mistakes. Luckily the experts here at Great Grass are always on hand to help. Here are a few things that first-time buyers tend to do which you should avoid…

Choosing the wrong grass type

The artificial turf industry has developed and there are now a range of different type available perfect for a range of uses and requirements. Unfortunately, if you do not consider which one is perfect you can end up purchasing one that is completely unsuitable.

Not planning

Lying a turf down is a simple task that any expert can carry out with their eyes closed however you do need to put in some thought and planning. After all, one piece of missing material can set back the whole project.

Purchasing grass bit by bit

It may seem sensible to vary your payments however this can cause a range of different issues. For example, your supplier may run out of the turf type you require, each part will be cut from a different batch meaning it could vary in colour and you must complete the lying process over a long period of time which unsettles a home.

Whether you’re just window shopping or would like to get serious about your own artificial turf, it is important to ensure that you don’t set yourself back by making one of these newbie mistakes. With artificial grass you should always ask the experts if you are uncertain about something as it will guarantee the best outcome possible. For more information, contact a member of the Great Grass team today.