There is a common misconception that artificial grass can only be used on sports fields however over the past few years it has been put to use on the lawns of regular home owners. In fact, an artificial turf can fix a whole load of bothersome yard issue quite easily. Read on to find out more information…

Dead patches

A common problem that homeowners often deal with here in the UK are patch of barren and dead grass that just won’t grow no matter how much fertilizer you provide. Luckily artificial grass can save the day since this turf is able to remain green and luscious all year round with minimal maintenance needs.


If you find that your pets just won’t stop digging holes in your yard you may be tearing your hair out in frustration. Fret not because an artificial turf will put an end to such behaviour once and for all. In fact there are many pet friendly turfs that are not damaged when nature calls upon your four legged friend and are extremely dig proof which means that your yard will look better than ever!

Rainless Climate

If you live in area that doesn’t get much rainfall then switching to artificial turf may be more of an economical decision rather than an aesthetic one. After all, a fake turf can thrive in any climate without any need for water or fertilizers and providing these in an environment where water is a luxury can be troublesome.

The team here at Great Grass know that artificial grass is able to cater for a whole range of issues and provide a beneficial and long lasting solution. In fact, we think that is the best investment you can possibly make when it comes to improving your yard. If you have any budding question or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of the team today!