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What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial turf surfaces were originally manufactured for purely commercial uses on sports fields such as football pitches and sports stadium, they had a short pile height and they were somewhat abrasive often causing injuries to players similar to that of carpet burn.
These original surfaces required an infill; usually sand, the modern day equivalent now commonly uses recycled rubber. These surfaces are often incorrectly referred to as AstroTurf, although this was the name and trademark of an in particular brand.

The main benefit of this type of surface was; they were hard wearing under relentless use and they significantly reduced the amount of maintenance that was required compared with a natural playing field.

Modern day Artificial Grass

The manufacturing process and technology used to create artificial surfaces has advanced dramatically since the 1960s; reducing manufacturing costs, creating a more natural looking product and increasing quality.
As such, the modern day artificial grass that we supply at Great Grass makes a perfect and desirable replacement for natural grass thanks to its numerous benefits including its great look, soft lush authentic pile height that never requires mowing, maintenance or mess, its ideal use in gardens with pets and children and many more.

Great Grass artificial grass is manufactured with DIY in mind; allowing painless, quick, easy installation.