The world of artificial grass is one of continual learning which means the opportunity to discover new information that you never knew about the industry is always available. Since we like to consider ourselves experts here at Great Grass it is only right that we share some of the knowledge that we have collected over our many years of experience. Here are a few facts about artificial grass you probably didn’t know…

  1. The methods that are used in order to form an artificial piece of turf is very similar to the way that carpet is made! After all, artificial grass is like a very basic outdoor carpet that has allows water to pass straight through it. In fact, a lot of the terms used within the production of a turf are carpet measurements – for example the yarn is created from plastic, the pile height is the length of the grass from its backing to the very tip of the surface and some turf is even made inside carpet factories because the fibres and stitching hold so many similarities.
  2. There is not just one type of artificial turf and we have come a long way since that was the issue. In fact, we now have in-fill turf which has an added material in order to weigh it down, non in-fill which is pinned down and does not require this added weight, sports turf which is formed especially for football and other activities in order to improve performance and finally hybrid which mixes real grass and turf together!
  3. The start of artificial turf began in the sport fields of American Football stadiums and whilst they were not as good as they are now, they received great reviews. So good in fact that the majority of stadiums still use the turf today – you just can’t tell because it is so realistic!

Making the swap to artificial grass can be a big decision however when you have all the information laid out in front of you it can really help the situation. If you have any questions or queries then the experts here at Great Grass are always on hand. For more information speak to a member of team today!