If your beloved old lawnmower has broken down, then you may have to admit defeat and look for an immediate replacement, as Sunday gardening will not be the same without your faithful friend by your side. Unfortunately, faulty and malfunctioning equipment is all-too common these days, as new-fangled apparatus can be rather complicated to operate; so therefore, you have always chosen older, more familiar machinery as it is what you are used to dealing with. The lawnmower in question has been passed down your family for generations and has been hailed as a desirable and sought-after heirloom; but it has since proven to be somewhat unreliable in recent times so you must start to think if there is any other way in which you can maintain an attractive, abundant lawn without having to frequently trim the borders, water the grass and make sure that the ground is even and level.

Here at Great Grass, we have such a diverse and wide ranging assortment of quality artificial grass which is composed of only the very finest materials on the market, as we want to make sure that all of our customers can feel the benefits of having artificial grass fitted onto their rather distressed and patchy lawn. The reason why you should plump for artificial grass as opposed to natural lawn is primarily due to the fact that it cannot become easily damaged or saturated; even when winds reach 100mph and never-ending sleet threatens to destroy all of your shrubs, bushes and plants. If you need to learn how to install artificial grass so that it is secure, solid, stable and sturdy then our easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide tells you exactly how to go about devising and implementing a comprehensive plan of action so that your garden looks and feels fantastic once again; whatever the weather.

Our extensive catalogue of eye-catching artificial grass will suit all requirements and personal preferences, as we have made sure that there is something for everyone. We also offer a broad reaching variety of samples, which you can order before making a purchase so that you can see which product best matches the décor of your outdoor area. Just get in touch with Great Grass today if you have any other enquiries or wish to discuss things in further detail.