Keeping fit is something most of us attempt to do, usually starting around the January period when we’re making New Year’s resolutions, but with the current child obesity statistics it’s something we should aim to encourage amongst our youngsters. According to the NHS, amongst the children attending reception class during 2011-2012, 9.5% of them were classed as obese. And this alarming figure shows no sign of improvement with the UK currently having the highest rate of childhood obesity in Western Europe. Unhealthy food and a lack of physical activity are two of the major causes of this.

As well as introducing healthy food to your child’s diet, getting them outside and engaging in physical activity is vital if they are to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Young children only need around 60 minutes of exercise to maintain good health and this could include a wide range of activities such as ball games, chasing games such as tig, football, climbing frames, skipping or riding a bike. But it’s important that you have the right outdoor environment for your kids to enjoy and artificial grass is a great way to always have a place prepared to play.

Artificial grass is brilliant because it means no matter what the weather, children can get outside and play, without the danger of them slipping over on mud and hurting themselves, or the pain of them tracking mud inside the house. For all you parents, artificial grass also means there’s no maintenance involved to keep the garden looking and feeling ready for play. No cutting, no mowing, no weeding and no chemicals.

This lack of maintenance also means that with artificial grass, you have more time and energy to actually play with your kids, setting a good example for them! With artificial grass, you have a safe place for your kids to play all year round, ensuring that they maintain a healthy lifestyle. This coupled with a healthy and varied diet means we can kick this child obesity epidemic to the curb. For more information on our range of artificial grass please contact us today.