Artificial grass is being used more and more in urban areas to liven up grey spaces and provide low maintenance and durable lawns for homeowners with little time. Families with children and animals who like to use their garden regularly can find that artificial grass gives them time to enjoy their garden rather than having to use that time maintaining it.

The benefits of artificial lawns are so widespread that it is being used for more and more diverse applications all the time. In a famous move in 2014 the FA made headlines by presenting a change in rules that Premier league clubs could make a change to synthetic pitches in stadiums. As well as these high profile cases there are also some smaller markets that are making great use of artificial grass because of the benefits they contain:


Artificial grass is now commonplace in children’s play areas across the UK. Natural grass can be difficult to maintain year round at the best of times. When you include a troop of children who want to make use of it for hours everyday it can quickly become worn out. Add some rainy weather and your luscious grassy areas can become mud baths; add a hot summer and the parched grass can be worn down into dust.

Artificial grass doesn’t require the attention natural grass does. Its even surface also reduces the risk of injury, and it is perfectly safe for children suffering from allergies who would find it uncomfortable to play on natural grass.


Sports venues across the UK have made use of the benefits of artificial grass for a while now. Synthetic pitches mean players can use the pitches more often without wearing it out, and more availability to use the pitches means clubs can get more use out of a surface, increasing profits that can be recycled back into the club and player development.

Kennels and Catteries

People had fears over whether pets would react well to artificial grass. Now, Kennels and Catteries all across the country are reaping the rewards of installing it. The durable, non-toxic weave is an animal owners paradise as pets are much less likely to damage the hardwearing material. Unlike natural grass the artificial blades don’t discolour, keeping its brilliantly green colour year round.

Floors and Rooftops

Artificial grass has applications far beyond natural grass can allow. Designers across the world have used it to decorate indoor rooms. As it doesn’t need to be watered or see the sun at all it can be used as flooring inside peoples homes, and can be laid straight onto hard surfaces, which makes it perfect for rooftop gardens. People use it to create lively spaces and add a different feel underfoot. This application has also been a huge boost to those who live in inner cities and don’t have access to a garden. By being able to have a slice of nature indoors provides customers with their own little paradise. The artificial grass weave acts as natural insulation, so the rooftop garden provides a money saving option on bills throughout the winter.