Your neighbours can’t recognise the difference in your new artificial lawn from the real thing, but can your pets?


A common worry for people thinking about switching to artificial grass is if it will have any adverse effects on their pets. Will pets that love to roll around on the grass in the summer months be put off going outside? The truth is that an artificial lawn may be the best option for pet owners: here we are going to look at some of the positive reasons for making the change to artificial grass.


DURABLE – Due to the high durability of artificial grass, dogs wont be able to wear out those popular patches of grass every time they are let out, or bring the mud back in with them; artificial grass won’t be reduced to mud in adverse weather so your pets won’t be leaving muddy paw prints throughout the house. The permeable weave allows urine to flow straight though so you avoid bad smells as well as any discolouration or brown patches defacing your lawn.


SAFE – Artificial grass products are non-toxic so you won’t have to worry about them making your pets ill. In fact, switching to an artificial lawn means you wont have to use any chemicals to maintain it that may not be pet friendly such as weed killers or fertilizers. These lawns stay green throughout the entire year all by themselves; this greatly reduces the need for chemical interference to keep your garden looking green and luscious so your garden will be much safer for your pets.


COST AND TIME EFFECTIVE – Maintaining a natural lawn throughout the year in the UK can be costly and depending on the size of your lawn it can also take up a lot of time. You want your garden to work for you, not the other way round. You want a lawn that you and your pets can enjoy year round so the hard-wearing artificial grass is a great replacement. To maintain a natural lawn means you may have long periods of time when no one can use it; when sowing new seeds or fertilizing the lawn means you have to keep animals as well as yourself from going near your own lawn things can get frustrating. Artificial grass allows you to make use of your lawn all year round and will save you money on maintenance costs over time.



If you are still apprehensive about making the change to artificial grass it may help you to know that its cost effectiveness and durability has made it the go-to choice for kennels and catteries across the UK.