As the old song goes “it’s good to touch the green, green grass of home.” But the song never said it had to be natural grass did it? We think artificial grass works just as well; better even! For if you have artificial grass, the green, green grass of home will stay forever green, and will be just how you left it, no matter how long it’s been. Maybe it’s the song affecting us but we really didn’t mean for that to rhyme.

By choosing artificial grass instead of a natural lawn, you don’t need to mow, cut, weed or water your grass to keep it looking brilliant. In fact, once it’s installed, there’s really no maintenance involved to keep it looking as fresh as the day you got it. So, if you decide to go on holiday for a few weeks or take an extended vacation, you can come back to a lawn that looks as immaculate as when you left. Nothing will have changed. Not even with the terrible British weather you undoubtedly went to escape from!

We are the UK’s most popular and largest suppliers of artificial grass, so we have a wide selection of different artificial turf grass, from our great value budget range to our lush prestige range and everything in between. So no matter what you would like your grass at home to look like, we can make it happen.

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