Parents, you may have tried to put this out of your mind, but yes, the February half term is fast approaching, which means the little monsters will soon be home, tearing up your home and garden. Now, we know you love having them home, really we do, so why not get your garden, child-friendly and child ready in time for their well-deserved school break.

The weather is ever so slightly starting to turn, we’ve seen the sun peeking out behind the clouds, and the rain has let-up, if only for the day, so there’s no doubt that the children will want to play outside. Let’s face it, whatever the weather, kids love playing outside. Come rain or shine, heat wave or blizzard, they hate being cooped up. When the adults are hiding indoors, wrapped up in a blanket, the kids are itching to go out and explore.

But no matter what the weather, what the kids are in need of is a great lawn or grassy area to play on. Being a busy parent means you’ll seldom have time to tend to a lawn, so a great alternative is to install artificial grass. Artificial grass is a boon for those that have a frequently used garden, as it is very hard-wearing and can take quite a trampling, whilst still looking like perfection.

Installing artificial grass before the February half term hits will mean you’ll have one less thing to worry about when the kids are home. Contact us today 0161 826 6626.