commercial artificial grass

Winter is just around the corner, with all of the chilly weather that you might expect, so why not bring the sunshine a little earlier with our 20mm Natural Spring artificial grass? While you won’t be heating up your garden or flipping a switch that instantly speeds up time, you’ll definitely feel the benefit of installing artificial grass when it comes to maintenance, and we can guarantee that the lush green colour of your chosen product will make it feel like spring has come around early.

Our 20mm Natural Spring artificial grass is one of our most popular products primarily because of the low maintenance qualities it proudly displays, with virtually no effort required to keep this grass looking and performing at its very best. You’ll never have to break out the lawnmower, as an artificial grass lawn never grows past the pile height you purchased, and in a similar way you’ll be spared the chore of watering, seeding and weeding the grass on a regular basis. Winter, too, will have a hard time getting the better of your brand new artificial grass, even with weather conditions that are infamously taxing on a natural lawn.

We can guarantee that there’s been no compromise in the way of quality for that convenience and hard wearing reliability, either, especially not when it comes to how realistic, natural and soft our grass feels underfoot. Our 20mm Natural Spring artificial grass not only looks the part, but feels so much like the real thing that your kids and pets are sure to fall in love with any lawn it creates.

Whether you’re looking to get a hold of our 20mm Natural Spring commercial artificial grass or you’d prefer something a little different this winter, don’t hesitate to have a look through our full selection! All of our commercial artificial grass products can be found waiting for you right here at Great Grass, with cheap prices and top quality ensuring you’ll never be disappointed by what you receive, so make sure you get in contact as soon as possible.