There are a number of doggy day cares that have used Great Grass artificial grass instead of a natural lawn for their pooches’ play areas. Well, recently we saw a news article online that outlined how a Burton-based doggy day care centre has seen a real benefit to switching from real grass to artificial grass!

Poochie Play Centre isn’t one of our clients, but we thought it was a good article to share with you all to highlight how fantastic artificial grass, and artificial grass for dogs, can be. Abby Chamberlain is the owner of the day care which regularly looks after up to around 20-30 days per day. Because of the sheer number of dogs at the centre, the natural lawn was starting to look pretty threadbare, patchy and unloved.

artificial grass for dogs

However, now the lawn has been replaced with an artificial grass they whole centre has a cleaner, mess-free garden resulting in happier dogs and happier staff! The durable nature coupled with the fact that it’s low maintenance and easier to clean means the staff have less cleaning to do and more time devoted to the dogs.

Artificial grass for dogs can withstand even the highest foot, or paw, traffic. Plus, you can wave goodbye to lots of mud and much created by rain and paws!

Artificial grass for dogs can work wonders in a doggy day care like this or in private gardens of houses that home pets. You can see the benefit of it, as can your adorable pooch. Take a look at our range of artificial grass for dogs – you can even order a free sample!