There are many uses for artificial grass, whether it’s for commercial or domestic, but one area in which the popularity of artificial grass is growing, is the sports market. It’s become a major trend all over the world and we love it here at Great Grass.

Due to improvements in technology and innovations in the production and creation of artificial grass, more and more artificial turfs are being made for all kinds of sporting events. As competition and demand for high quality playing surfaces that are accessible all year round, it’s meant that new artificial grass fields have just gotten better and better. Artificial grass has never been so natural looking!

Advantages of artificial grass turfs include a smoother playing surface for added safety, the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, increased frequency of usage and of course, lower maintenance costs. Artificial grass turfs can be used as surfaces in a number of sports including golf, football, netball, basketball, rounders and athletics. Artificial grass can also be created in different colours which is ideal for school pitches or to denote different zones.

Market research analysts estimate the global market for sports turf to post a healthy market growth rate of more than 11% by 2019. One of the main benefits of artificial grass that we mentioned before is the very low maintenance involved. Whereas natural grass pitches need irrigating, mowing, watering, trimming, weeding, pesticides and/or fertilisers; artificial grass needs none of this. All an artificial grass turf needs is a quick brush every few weeks to stop it becoming too flat. This saves institutions both time and money.

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