We know it’s hardly the middle of summer, but it’s always wise to plan ahead when it comes to laying down everything you need to enjoy the best of the weather when it comes back around! Additionally, an artificial lawn from Great Grass will always manage to shine even when it’s been battered with rain and wind, and you won’t have to do much to ensure it stays that way!

On that note, then, we think that our 30mm Lush Green artificial grass could be the perfect pick for anyone looking to get an incredibly thick and luxurious garden that won’t get bogged down by the weather. It’s a product which features one of our densest and longest pile heights, available in widths of up to 4m and 25m in length, and that leads to a natural look you’ll hardly believe!

An innovative weave and three shades of vibrant green make this artificial grass look so convincing, replicating the look of a healthy, well grown and well maintained garden without ever growing past that point. It’s perfect for use in your garden, of course, with a soft and cushioned feel that’s just like natural grass, but it has many more potential applications than that! Try putting artificial grass on school grounds to provide a safe and perfectly healthy area on which children can play, or in any commercial role where a little green could make all the difference. It’s really up to you, so come and see what we’ve got on offer!

As the UK’s largest supplier of artificial grass, we here at Great Grass have a reputation for providing a range of top quality products which look and feel just like the real thing. We can guarantee you a dedication to customer service that you’ll find hard to beat, alongside an incredibly prompt and reliable delivery service that’s sure to impress. If you’ve got any questions or queries, make sure you get in contact as soon as you can!