There’s obviously a huge benefit to having our artificial grass in your garden, and we’re sure that you can imagine just how easy it can make your life – especially if you own pets! What you might not immediately have thought of, however, is quite how versatile our grass can be and just how many other applications it can have.

Our artificial grass is the ideal material to create a wholly practical sports surface that’s both reliable and highly enjoyable to play on, especially where durability is concerned. We’ve precisely engineered our artificial lawns so that it can perfectly replicate natural factors such as ball roll when utilised as a firm golf surface or putting green, though we imagine that with the versatility of our 16mm Polypropylene grass there’s quite a few games that’d work well across a wide range of sports.

What about in schools? We’re always keen on promoting healthy lifestyles in the younger generation, especially when it comes to the all-important school years, and so we’re committed to doing our part in order to give kids a fantastically simple and easy way to stay active. If you’ve been suffering from a general lack of facilities and natural areas, or you’re tired of muddy and rough grassy patches stopping your kids from playing, make sure you check out what we’ve got to offer for you!

Great Grass are the largest supplier of commercial artificial grass in the UK, specialising in providing a service that goes the extra mile. We have a steadily built reputation for quality in both our wide range of artificial lawns, the methods by which we’ll deliver them to your door, and the likeness of our grass to the real thing that just has to be seen to be believed! Get in contact if you have any questions or queries, or otherwise don’t hesitate to place an order!