Unless you’ve locked yourself indoors these past few days you’ll have no doubt ran into the serious winds that have been trying to knock most of us onto our backs! The tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo decided to pay the UK a little visit, much to everyone’s misfortune, and we’re just glad to have everything back to normal. Hopefully things haven’t changed for you, either, and you’ll be enjoying some better weather until the weekend!

It really was a pretty tough time getting around either by foot or sometimes even by car, but we think that the weather was felt worst in a pretty important area of our lives – our houses! Strong winds can really cause a mess at home, whether that’s by sending loose branches and leaves flying everywhere onto your property, or simply by subjecting outdoor areas such as your garden to a considerable assault of wind, rain and a biting chill.

If you’ve suffered a little bit of damage to your garden, or your grass isn’t looking quite so bright anymore, you might want to consider making the switch to an artificial lawn. Whilst replicating the look and feel of natural grass perfectly, it offers a resistance to foul weather and other environmental hazards that simply can’t be matched. When you factor in its ability to drain freely, and the fact that you won’t be having to worry about mud, you get a lawn which stays pristine all year round. You can imagine how that can be a huge benefit with weather like the kind we’ve been having!

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