A lot of people talk about the weather in their day to day lives, and in this country the subject of the constant rainfall we seem to always be subjected to, is a common and unavoidable topic. It certainly plays a huge part in our lives, constantly affecting decisions even as simple as what clothes to wear, and property owners find themselves pressed to keep on top of potential leaks or other ways to keep their building dry and protected.

One area that certainly finds itself inconvenienced by rainfall is the garden, which can rapidly turn from a lush green lawn to a duller and dirtier sight. And no doubt as any pet owners may be able to attest, muddy paw prints around the house are rarely fun, and neither is the business of trying to throw a towel over your dog before they redecorate your home with an earthy touch.

If you’re all too familiar with these kinds of problems, we might just have a solution for you – and it’s one-hundred percent pet friendly, too!

Our 35mm Prestige artificial grass is perfect for usage in an outdoor space where it’s likely to rain, as it is certainly one of our most hard wearing products designed with water resistance in mind. The tried-and-tested combination of latex backing with pre-punched holes for effective drainage ensures dryness even under the most significant showers, and a lawn that’ll go back to glowing as soon as the clouds roll on by. We even incorporate that same water resistance as well as a strong UV resistance across all types of our product that we offer, so you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about our artificial grass even if you’re working to a bit of a budget.

So, if you’re looking for a lawn that’ll shine through whatever the weather decides it’s going to do, then don’t miss out on the benefits of going artificial. Here at Great Grass, we’re the largest artificial grass suppliers in the UK, offering only the highest standards of quality for fantastic value and cheap prices, and we’d only be too happy to provide our expert services for you should you need them. You can find our full contact details online on our website, so don’t hesitate to get in touch as soon as possible; we’d love to hear from you!