Are you thinking about getting artificial grass for your garden but aren’t sure on how it will look, or whether it’s the right thing for you? Have a look at what some of our most recent customers have to say about their artificial grass for Great Grass on twitter.

Chris Howell said: @Checkatrade @GreatGrassUK “Deck all done and artificial grass all laid I’m well pleased with how this garden has gone.”

Jenny Surtees said: “Thank you @GreatGrassUK I love our ‘Natural Spring Grass’ it’s transformed our garden!

As you can see from the pictures, artificial grass can really do wonders for your garden or outdoor areas. Not only does it visually transform your home, but it practically changes your life too. Installing artificial grass means now more mowing, weeding, strimming or using harsh chemicals to keep your garden looking lovely all year round. All you need to do is some light brushing every now and again to keep the artificial grass looking plush and you’re done!

You might think that installing artificial grass sounds like too much hard work; in fact it’s one of the reasons a lot of our customers have said they’ve put off doing it for so long. But installing artificial grass is quite straightforward and there’s minimal hassle – you can either do it yourself following our handy DIY handbook or get someone to do it for you. Then once it’s in it is minimal maintenance! Like we said, just some regular brushing. You’ll be welcoming back your evenings and weekend with open arms.

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