As one of the largest suppliers of artificial grass, we know how important it is to have a strong social media presence. We have both twitter and Facebook, so if you want to keep up to date with what we’ve got going on you can always find information about Great Grass online. As well as having a strong social media presence, we also love to keep track of what other people are saying about artificial grass and what their experience of it is. So we thought in this blog we’d show you a collection of tweets relating to artificial grass.

Here are just a handful of tweets people have sent talking about artificial grass:

  • We’ve had fake grass for three years, never regretted it. Make sure you get a good weed membrane underneath
  • Sweeping my lawn with a broom is the strangest feeling! But I’m telling you… Artificial lawn is the way to go #LoveIt
  • There are going to be some seriously mucky paws when I get home. Need my artificial grass down ASAP #beagle #beaglebug #artificialgrass
  • Looking at the lawn and thinking “Nope, doesn’t need mowing yet” Ah, the joys of artificial grass :)”
  • “@GreatGrassUK great prices on top quality artificial grass #beatmybestquote #fastdelivery #reliable

And some people even providing pictures to support their statements on artificial grass!

My darling Gracie in the sun in the back garden showing off my lovely artificial grass…”

Looks like everybody loves artificial grass, especially Gracie the dog! For more information on artificial grass and how it can transform your garden contact us here at Great Grass.