Mumsnet has everything doesn’t it? You’d be hard pressed to find a topic on the site that doesn’t have an intricate thread of conversations attached to it. Mumsnet talk about everything and anything including things like the best kind of washing powder to use for children with eczema, the smartest ways to hide medicine in food and any home and garden hacks they’ve found out about. It’s a lively hub of ideas exchanged, opinions shared and just general chit chat, but it’s also a respected forum where products can be made or broken.

We recently stumbled upon a thread on the website relating to artificial grass and saw a delightful conversation people were having. The discussion starts with one user enquiring as to whether anyone has a “fake lawn”, as they’ve seen a display, and was amazed at how “lifelike and uncannily accurate” the artificial grass colour mix was. The user then goes on to say that they have a dog, two children and a “non-gardening” husband so artificial grass would be the “perfect solution.”

From there the artificial grass discussion explodes with many different users jumping in and recounting their artificial grass success stories and advice. You can see the whole discussion for yourself here:

It’s great to see so many people excited about artificial grass and giving others helpful advice and tips. I guess once you go artificial, you never go back! Organic conversations like those on Mumsnet are an excellent testimony to how revolutionary artificial grass is, and how it can truly transform your garden. Threads like the above also serve to show how many different benefits can be seen for people in different circumstances. For example, whether you’ve got children, pets, you don’t get a lot of sun or you have an aversion to gardening! Artificial grass is the way forward!