If you own a dog that’s fond of the outdoors, you’ll know more than anyone the mess that can result from a happy pooch’s frolicking in the dirt and mud of a natural garden. You’ll all too often find yourself scrubbing away paw prints, or trying to get a hold of your dog before they shake your garden against the kitchen walls, and for many that’s just an accepted part of being a pet owner. We here at Great Grass, however, have an alternative!

Our artificial grass is designed with pets in mind, so you won’t have to worry about the change from a real lawn altering the way that your dog interacts with your garden. It not only replicates the look of natural grass to a tee, but provides an authentic and soft feeling that your dog is guaranteed to fall in love with. With a lack of mud, too, you’ll find yourself cleaning up after your dog much less than before and your stress levels dropping. Don’t just take our word for it, however, as Great Grass is the number one choice for dog kennels and catteries throughout the UK!

We know that the weather here in the UK is always a little temperamental, and as such our artificial grass is as hard-wearing and waterproof as it can be. This ensures that your pet will always be able to stay as dry as possible, on a clean and low-maintenance surface that you’re sure to be thankful for. So why not consider investing in a lush artificial lawn today?

Great Grass are the largest artificial grass suppliers in the UK, specialising in artificial lawns perfect for dogs, children, or any number of situations extending beyond your own garden. We offer fantastic prices on all of our products, and work to the highest standards of quality to ensure that they’re all as authentic and durable as you’d ever want them to be. If you feel like you could benefit from our expertise and highly professional services, don’t hesitate to get in contact. We’d love to hear from you!