Yes that’s right, we said love. There are a lot of misconceptions about animals and artificial grass, but they all seem to be surrounding the idea that animals and artificial grass don’t get on. Well, as experts in artificial grass and avid animal lovers, we’re here to debunk some of those myths that you undoubtedly will have heard.

MYTH Artificial grass contains materials that are dangerous for my pet.

None of our artificial grass ranges contain anything remotely harmful towards you or your pets. In fact, you’re more likely to find unpleasant things in natural grass such as pesticides and other chemicals.

MYTHMy pets won’t like the smell.

We’re not quite sure where this myth came from but there is no “artificial smell” that deters your pets. Like with anything new, your dog or cat may be a bit hesitant at first, but once they get used to the artificial grass they’ll love it just as much as the old stuff!

MYTHArtificial grass becomes too hot to the touch so my pet can’t enjoy it when it’s sunny.

People assume it’s just like leaving a plastic deck chair in the sun and will become too got too touch. Artificial grass is made up of numerous different materials and strands which don’t absorb the sun’s rays like a big chunk of plastic.

MYTHThere will be nowhere for them to go to the toilet

If you have a dog and he/she usually uses the back garden to do his business – they still can! Like with natural lawn, your pet can go to the toilet and you’ll be able to scoop up the mess. In fact, it’s actually easier to get rid of your pet’s mess with artificial grass and urine just drains straight out!

There is a whole list of other benefits to having artificial grass whilst owning a pet but we’ve already taken up too much of your time. Instead why don’t you give us a call to discuss your requirements? Getting artificial grass is one of the best decisions you can make for you and your pet.