Tomorrow is the day a lot of people dread, whilst the pranksters of the world revel in. Did you forget? It’s the 1st of April tomorrow, which means it is April Fools’ Day! Yes, before 12pm expect pranks, jokes, japes, mischief, antics and tom foolery to be occurring. Even the media like to get in on the action, planting fake news stories for us to find. But remember, if it happens after the 12pm mark, the jokes on them!

No one quite knows where, why and when April Fools’ Day originated but one of the earlier references to it is way back in 1392 in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in the Nun’s Priest’s Tale where Chauntecleer is tricked by a fox on the 32nd day after March began – i.e. 1st April. You learn something new every day.

Tomorrow, if we were to tell you that there was a way to get a magnificent looking lawn, all year-round, with next to no maintenance, would you believe us? Or would you think we were playing an April Fools’ prank on you? Well, we’re taking no one for a fool because that really is the case with our artificial grass!

You could say there was some trickery involved as most people would assume you’ve got a natural lawn that is just impeccably maintained, however you’d have an artificial grass lawn that was masquerading as a natural lawn, but where’s the harm in it?

In fact, there’s no harm in it whatsoever and there are just many benefits to be enjoyed; no mowing, no weeding, no chemicals and just a lovely looking lawn all year round. Do you want to trick your neighbours into thinking you spend hours on your lawn? Contact us today to enquire about our artificial grass ranges. You’d be a fool not to!