It isn’t just private homes that want to have a no muss no fuss, beautiful lawn area, many commercial clients see the value in an artificial grass lawn. Recently we completed a commercial artificial grass installation for Manchester council. It was a quite a large area that needed to be covered and the space was in a pretty sorry state when we arrived so it was quite a big job for us to take on, but we love a challenge.

See the before, during and after pictures here:

great grass

It looks miles better doesn’t it? Here you can see first-hand how commercial artificial grass can improve the look of a space, no matter how it looked to begin with. We’re all about the transformations here at Great Grass!

Commercial artificial grass installations are always interesting because every individual job is truly unique. We never know what each project will entail but that’s the joy of working in the artificial grass business!

Are you looking for some commercial artificial grass to transform a space of your own? Something that requires minimal maintenance yet still looks beautiful? Commercial artificial grass that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing? With our commercial artificial grass you can have all that and more. Contact us today.