You have been there before many times; as your canine companion has decided to unleash himself in the park once again and go sniffing around fellow pooches hoping to make brand new pals in the process. As the weekend approaches; there is nothing more relaxing and calming than when you go walking with your beloved pet and explore the great outdoors together, as it gives you the opportunity to really get away from it all and stroll through pleasant, picturesque countryside surroundings. Being independent and headstrong creatures; dogs often get themselves into some rather sticky situations as they are determined to find hidden delights such as a buried bone, discarded ball or even a stick embedded in the ground; but you wouldn’t have them any other way!

‘Man’s Best Friend’ has some strange and unusual tendencies which can lead to unexpected trips to the vet; such as chewing next door’s lawn and getting blades of grass caught in their throat. It is not just dogs which choose to devour unfamiliar, peculiar substances as cats also feel the urge to eat some pretty odd things that you would never dream of putting on their plate in normal circumstances. They often go into neighbours’ bins and rummage around looking for a tasty treat which they then take home and proudly place on the floor right next to your feet; and you wonder where on earth they have ventured in order to procure these objects.

One misconception that people have is that pets and artificial grass do not mix. This is entirely untrue; especially when you consider that Great Grass has designed artificial grass with the specific intention that each and every product is 100% safe and permeable. Due to the fact that it needs next to no maintenance; even when the weather begins to get colder and the winter nights start to settle in; your animals can still play happily all year round without you having to make any allowances for weeding, fertilising or mowing the lawn. Artificial grass does not have to be constantly attended to and managed; unlike natural lawn; and there is no need to worry about mess or general wear and tear as we have made sure that each and every item is durable, hard wearing and long lasting.

We provide samples of artificial grass completely free of charge and are always on hand to assist should you need our guidance or advice about which type of artificial grass would best suit your personal needs. If you wish to find out a little more about our fantastic supplies then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Great Grass today.