It may seem extravagant; having your own putting green in your garden, but in reality, it’s not that big of a job. Here at Great Grass, we have everything you need to create your very own golf course! Providing a firm surface our 16mm Polypropylene artificial grass imitates a natural putting area, which also creates a realistic ball roll.

If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant than we can easily accommodate that too. Our artificial grass for putting greens is manufactured in such a way that they can be cut to your own design. So whether you’re after just a simple, flat putting surface to practice your short game or a mini golf course with all the works; sand bunkers, ponds and roughs, our artificial grass can easily be installed to create the effect.

Having your very own private putting green made with artificial grass can be extremely advantageous. It means you have an all-weather surface to practice your game on as the artificial grass can withstand rain, snow and intense heat – that’s if you can! It’s also great because it’s right on your doorstep, which means no matter how busy you are you’ll always have time to get in a few rounds. If you are a little rusty it also means you can get your game up to speed away from prying eyes – no embarrassment needed.

To get started on your own putting green with artificial grass contact us today!