It can be frustrating for us as a reputable and well-established artificial grass company to see other companies claiming that artificial grass is 100% maintenance free. Whilst artificial lawns frees homeowners from the never ending cycle of mowing, watering, weeding and chemical usage that a natural lawn demands, artificial grass is not 100% maintenance free.

We’re sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but we like to be honest with our clients and anyone telling you that their artificial grass needs no maintenance isn’t being truthful; whether they mean to be or not.

Artificial grass still requires some care but is labelled as a “low maintenance” option because the upkeep is very minimal and demands very little effort. Still, we thought we’d take you through a little guide to caring for your new artificial grass lawn. Welcome to artificial grass care 101!

Artificial Grass

 Brush, brush, brush!

When your artificial grass is first installed you need to brush it; gently and regularly. After around 8 weeks you can drop this down to about once a month. Brushing the artificial grass blades in different directions will keep it looking natural and thick!

Stain removal!

You may think that because your lawn is artificial that it picks up stains and dirt like a carpet or rug. However, if something has spilt on your artificial grass it couldn’t be easier to get rid of it. Simply use hot water and washing up liquid to wash the dirt away! It’s also worth noting that pet mess can be easily picked up without any fuss.

And do you know what? Apart from not parking your car on it and keeping sharp objects off it that’s it! Here end’th the artificial grass care lesson!