Having a dog is a lot like having a child; any dog owner will tell you that. They require so much upkeep, attention and can eat you out of house and home! When you are a dog owner, your routine entirely changes, and so does your home.

Most people adopt their dogs when they’re young puppies and everyone knows how unruly a wee puppy can be, tearing around your home and your garden. Your walls, furniture, carpets and your lawn can be uprooted in a matter of minutes with regular maintenance a must in order to keep your home and garden in tip top condition.

Of course you have to start training your pet as soon as possible and the British weather does nothing to help. Being out in the garden when it’s raining, training your pooch so often results in a little (but big enough) track of muddy paw prints leading from the garden, into your home. Usually when the carpets just been cleaned!

Artificial grass makes having and training a dog that much easier. Because there’s no soil or any natural materials, you don’t get mud when it rains which eliminates any muddy paw prints in your house! Artificial grass also makes it much easier to clean up after your pets when they go to the toilet. You can easily pick up number twos as it doesn’t get mixed up with the soil and urine simply drains away through the permeable artificial grass.

Give yourself a helping hand by installing artificial grass.