It’s one of the questions we get most here at Great Grass; is artificial grass suitable for dogs? In short, yes. However, we’ll give you a little bit more information on the matter!

Artificial grass has a multitude of benefits and there are many reasons why people opt to replace their natural lawn with an artificial one. Wanting a low maintenance garden, having less personal mobility and having an all-year-round garden for your kids to play in are all great reasons why people choose artificial grass. And despite many people’s reservations about getting artificial grass when they have a dog, that’s the reason some people actually decide to install artificial grass in their home; their dog.

There is a common misconception that dogs don’t like the smell or feel of artificial grass but that simply isn’t the case. As with anything new, your dog may be a little apprehensive or curious about the new surface but once they’ve been introduced to the lawn they’ll have no problem with it. In fact, most dogs can’t even tell the difference!

But what are the benefits for you the dog owner? Well for starters, whenever your dog does its business, it makes your life a lot easier. Urine drains away by itself and number two’s are easily picked up and washed away with some water. No fuss! One of the other main benefits that dog owners observe with artificial grass is the lack of mud and mess. Every dog owner will understand the frustration that comes with a rainy day. Natural grass produces messy mud when it rains and that equals muddy paw prints in your house. With artificial grass, because there is no mud, you don’t have to worry about it and it means less cleaning for you.

Here at Great Grass, we have a number of artificial grass products that are suitable for use in gardens with animals. Browse our range of artificial grass or contact us to discuss your requirements.