One of the most dreaded chores that we have to face is without a doubt mowing the lawn. It’s just so unappealing and requires so much more time and effort than other household chores. Once you’ve put the washing in, the machine does the rest for you. If you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher, all you need to do is load the plates in and hit start. And you get to do the vacuuming indoors, shielded from the elements.

But mowing the lawn? It can be back-breaking, tricky and if the weather isn’t great, which, let’s face it, it never is in the UK, you can be left freezing in the garden, drenched in rain. No wonder it topped the worst chore list in a survey conducted by Novastris last year.

Well what if we told you that you’d never have to mow the lawn again without your garden becoming overgrown and unsightly? Here at Great Grass, we are the largest suppliers of artificial grass in the UK. Artificial grass is great because not only does it never need to be mowed, it doesn’t need weeding, watering or any pesticides.

Our artificial grass is very hard wearing; it is colourfast, UV resistant and child and pet friendly. It’s safe too; our artificial grass is flame retardant and water resistant. Here at Great Grass, we guarantee our artificial grass for up to twenty years, meaning you’ll have a brilliant looking lawn for longer!

We have a fantastic range of artificial grass, with types to suit every need and every budget including budget grass, lush green grass, natural summer grass and prestige yarn. Contact us today to enquire about our artificial grass 0161 826 4963. Once you’ve got your artificial grass you’ll have to find another chore to hate!