The sun is out, the rain has dried up and it’s time to start using your garden again. Yes, your garden, that jungle-like space at the back of your house that you’ve no doubt neglected for the last six months. But it’s back and ready for action now! Or is it? During the winter months your garden gets put through a lot. A battering of rain, sub-zero temperatures and a gale force winds, so if it’s not looking its best then it’ll be no surprise.

Does it look like this?

If you want to get your lovely garden back to working order; creating a beautiful area for you and your family to enjoy, then artificial grass should be your top priority. Here are just a few reasons why you should add artificial grass to your home (and why your family will love you for it!).

SAFETY: Say goodbye to lumps, bumps and hidden rocks, as our artificial grass contains no surprises! It’s also thick enough to make it the same as falling on natural grass – so no nasty bumps! It also won’t cause skin burn like AstroTurf pitches.

ACCESSIBILITY:  You can use artificial grass all year round, whatever the weather! It also drains really quickly after a down pouring of rain, so you can get back to the grass ASAP – even after a quick shown or rain during a summer’s day.

CLEAN: Say goodbye to muddy footprints being traipsed into your home and say goodbye to grass-stained clothes!

HARD-WEARING: Our artificial grass is made to the highest standard and is practically indestructible. You can rest assure your childrens’ play will not damage the artificial grass. For extra peace of mind, our products come with a 10 year guarantee.

Get your artificial grass today!