Every single dog will love your new artificial grass lawn, no matter the size! Pets can be messy, especially in the garden, but they really are a part of the family so we love them all the same. Whether you have a tiny Yorkshire terrier or a German shepherd, dogs find their way into our hearts, even when their muddy paw prints find a way into our homes. You just have to love them!

However, it seems not everyone understand the bond a person has with their pet. We’ve heard a horrible story about a poor dog at Crufts being poisoned this year. Prize-winning Irish setter, Jagger, was fed beef cubes that had been laced with poison and died, according to the vet that did the examination. The vet said it was likely more than one type of poison was used, but as of yet had only identified one as a slug killer. It’s such a terrible thing and our heart goes out to the owners of poor Jagger. This time last year we were gearing up for Crufts and debating the benefits of artificial grass in relation to dogs, so it’s a real shame that this year it has been tainted by the callous acts of an unknown individual.

When you lose a pet it is like losing a family member and even if you don’t have artificial grass and they cause you all kinds of mess – you have unconditional love for them. RIP Jagger!