In a world where there was a lack of good artificial grass products, we at great grass could take it no more. The market was in need for the best quality artificial grass that not only looked real, but felt it too. We have 7 different type of artificial grass on offer, each one unique and contrasting to the other.

We’re here today to run you through a quick guide to our 3 bestselling grasses, so you can see for yourself what Great Grass do best…

  • Best value – 30mm lush green artificial grass

This artificial grass is one of our thickest, densest and longer pile height products. The structure of the grass consists of three shades of vibrant green strands with four green curled strands. This structure was made to look and feel of a slightly grown but still cared and maintained for lawn. This makes the grass look extremely natural and has been voted best value for prices and product.

–        Available in widths of 2m or 4m and up to 25m in length.

–        Ideal for gardens, schools & commercial use

–        The quality of Lush is great for kids & pets alike

–        Easy to install DIY


  • Best seller – 25mm Premium Grass with our innovative ‘Clever Yarn’

Our 25mm Premium artificial grass with stitch technology is the latest addition to our product range. ‘Clever Yarn’ is our mind-blowing method of stitching. The grass strands have a latex backing. We have stitched the grass with a ‘W’ pattern, by doing so it ensures your artificial grass always looks thick and lush. This grass is also good for families and big groups of people because it springs back into formation after being flattened; this means the grass will require less brushing like other artificial grass.

–        The latest & greatest Artificial Grass available

–        Ideal for gardens, schools & commercial use

–        Appearance is identical to a healthy natural lawn

–        Easy to install DIY


  • New and Luxury – 36mm Touch of Luxury


The 36mm Touch of Luxury is produced with our silky soft fibres; enlightened with a deep thatch to create a feeling of lying down on a cloud!

The grass looks completely realistic! And feels beautifully soft. This product is exclusive to Great Grass.

–        Available in roll widths of 2m or 4m, roll lengths up to 25m

–        Tri-Coloured for that natural look

–        36mm pile height hard wearing synthetic grass surface

–        Latex backing, water resistant, pre-punched for drainage

–        Dog friendly

All our grass comes with a 10-year surface wear guarantee, we at Great Grass want the best quality for our customers, so get on our site and order your artificial grass now.