If you’re anything like us here at Great Grass, then you’ll want nothing more than that absolutely perfect stretch of grass in your outdoor space. Whether you want to add a splash of greenery to your own back yard, a commercial property or even an exhibition of some sort, then artificial grass should certainly be your number one choice.

Our range of artificial turf comes with a variety of benefits just waiting for you to take advantage of them, and you’ll find that maintaining healthy looking grass has never been so straightforward! However, the alternative would be to opt for the natural stuff, which will cause a whole host of issues that are bound to create long-term problems.

But what’s so bad about choosing natural grass? We’re glad you asked, because we’re going to run you through it.

  • Maintenance

The most obvious issue caused by owning natural grass is the sheer amount of maintenance that’s involved in keeping it looking good. A natural lawn involves constant mowing, weeding and trimming, as well as having to use all kinds of chemicals to keep it looking fresh. On the other side of the same coin, artificial grass requires very little maintenance, meaning that you’ll no longer have to worry about your lawn’s upkeep!

  • Bad For Pets

Okay, so we all know that dogs and cats enjoying getting out onto some grass, however the combination of pesticides and herbicides used to keep your garden looking fresh pose a significant danger to both pets and children. Think about it- if the spray you’re using on your lawn is designed to kill insects, then surely you don’t want the family dog sniffing its nose into the same grass?

  • Changes With The Seasons

The great thing about artificial grass is the fact that it looks great all year-round, regardless of what the weather is doing. This means that you can be sure your neighbours are always viewing your lawn with unbelievable feelings on envy, while they struggle to wrestle out their lawnmower in an attempt to emulate your garden. Natural grass does not react well to the change in weather, meaning that it will lose its colour during the colder months- and there’ll also be mud everywhere!

Due to the fact that it looks better, is safer and easier to maintain, we think you’d be absolutely mad not to choose some of our artificial grass!