Since its introduction in American Football stadiums, the use of artificial grass has grown in commercial and industrial form, with golf courses becoming the next big hit. Here are a few advantages of what artificial grass brings to the table when it comes to golf courses…

With modern developments, artificial grass is appearing more and more real to everyday people. In fact, the vast majority of people cannot tell the difference between real and artificial grass unless it is pointed out to them. Due to this realistic appeal, it means that golf courses are able to remain visually appealing all year around by keeping their bright green colour, even in winter.

After a while, it is easy to notice signs of wear and tear on a golf course with natural grass. This includes mud patches, dry areas and even swamping. Artificial grass is a very durable alternative and minus the above signs of damage after prolonged used, it is very ideal to play on. Plus, it is able to withstand extreme weather temperatures because the heat doesn’t dry it out, heavy rainfall won’t cause flooding due its draining systems and there’s no waiting around for the grass to dry.

Golf courses are usually particularly large and artificial grass means that there is little maintenance required. Coupled with the size of the fields on golf courses, this will be a blessing in disguise for the staff whose job it is to maintain natural grass if you was to swap it for artificial grass.

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