Did you have to wait 25 minutes for a bus this morning on the commute, in the hail, rain, wind and freezing cold? Just me then! Anyway there’s no denying that the weather was absolutely horrendous today. It’s supposed to be spring this month so the weather better get its act together.

The temperature should be at least just dipping into the double figures. We need daffodils, blue skies and the option to leave our big winter coat at home. Not shivering at a bus stop, with freezing hands and muddy shoes. Do you know the effect the weather has on the ground is probably our least favourite thing about it. Having to go out in the garden and getting muddy shoes may just be the worst thing about the wet weather – especially when it ends up being traipsed into the house.
Nothing typifies a miserable day, weather wise, then having to clean up dirty footprints from inside your lovely home. That’s why it’s handy to have artificial grass installed in your garden instead of a natural lawn. No natural grass means no mud! So there’s one silver lining that comes from the bad weather. One upside of mud is that it does signal the end of winter so fingers crossed!
Here’s to artificial grass and the promise of spring which, should be, just around the corner!