One of the biggest reasons that people decide to stick with natural grass falls down to how noticeable an artificial turf would be to friends, family and complete strangers. In fact, there is a kind of stigma attached with the idea of having an artificial lawn. Of course, nobody want their yard to look out of place and extremely false however there is nothing wrong with venturing over to where the grass is greener, literally! In After all, artificial grass as changed a lot since its conception on 1960’s American Football stadiums. Here is a brief overview…

The Characteristics of Old Turf

  • When artificial grass was fairly new to the market it had both a plastic texture and a plastic appearance since the main ingredient was in fact plastic. Due to the low technology of the 60’s, it was fairly obviously when artificial grass has been installed since it had an artificial completion in comparison to natural grass.
  • In addition to this, old fashioned artificial turf was not made in way that could be deemed friendly to animals or children since the product was made using materials that were potentially littered with toxins.

The Characteristics of New Turf

  • On the other hand, the artificial grass that we know today has been adapted in order to imitate the texture of real grass. No longer do we have to deal with the sharp edges of plastic and harsh texture because in its place we have a turf that is expertly formed and crafted so that is not only feels like real grass, it looks like it too!
  • We are also happy to tell our readers and clients that artificial grass, in particular that which is found at Great Grass, is toxin-free which means that it is safe for your four legged friends and children to roam around on!

It is easy to see why so many people are deciding to invest in an artificial grass when you place the comparisons side by side. In fact, if you are still wary about being caught out it may be helpful to know that the grass of 2017 is made to such a high quality that it would take a well trained eye to be able to spot that your turf is artificial! For more information, speak to a member of the Great Grass team today!