Our 12mm Budget Artificial Grass may be the cheapest we offer, but you can rest assured that we’ve poured just as much quality into this particular product as we have all of our others. It has the shortest pile height in our range, which for those unacquainted with the term simply means that the blades of grass are the shortest out of all the artificial lawns we’re able to supply, but this combined with its robust fibres guarantees an ideal short term use in places such as events where it’s likely to be handled frequently and in large quantities.

It isn’t suitable for gardens and other such outside applications, but it is the go-to grass when it comes to indoor installations such as covered balconies, shops, stalls and showrooms. This vibrant, short-bladed green is incredible simple and easy to install yourself, requiring no special process or professional fitting, and is sure to provide something worth looking at. With a two tone pattern combined with a subtle brown thatch, our signature replication of nature’s own palette is as convincing here as it’s ever been, only this time at a much more economical price!

The 12mm grass also comes with a five year guarantee against UV instability and the same for any surface wear, so we’ll make sure you’re covered against any eventuality. A latex backing provides water resistant properties, and it is of course dog friendly in that it’s both artificial and able to be hosed down in order to keep it clean. We’d highly recommend it, needless to say!

If you’re looking for artificial grass suppliers who able to provide the absolute maximum quality for prices that won’t break the bank, we might just have what you need. Take a look at our range of artificial lawns to see the great offers we have, and whilst we offer unbeatable value across the whole selection our 12mm Budget Artificial Grass is perfect for when you’re really cutting down on costs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch; our details can be found on our contact us page, just a simple click away.