There’s no avoiding the shocking childhood obesity statistics that the NHS describe as “worryingly high.” These days, children are less active and do less physical exercise than ever before. TV and video games are often listed as reasons as to why kids don’t go outside and play as much as they used to, along with the inadequate diet that a lot of children receive. But another reason kids don’t play as much as they used to is a lack of facilities. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that schools and nurseries have adequate play areas that children can use and stay active. One of the ways to do this is with artificial grass.

Artificial grass play areas are great because regardless of the weather, it means kids can have constantly accessible outdoor facilities that can aid in their development and help us combat these alarming childhood obesity statistics. With funding being a constant issue for educational services, artificial grass is beneficial because it requires next to no maintenance and is extremely hard wearing, meaning it will rarely need replacing.

In the interest of safety, shock absorbing pads can be placed underneath the artificial grass to ensure children are as safe as possible whilst playing; something that cannot be achieved with a natural lawn. A lot of institutions place them underneath climbing frames and the like to soften the landing if a child were to fall.

Here at Great Grass, we can provide specifically designed artificial grass products for each different institution such as coloured artificial grass that is great for sensory areas or tailored sports surfaces. Contact us today to find out more about our artificial grass for schools and nurseries.