We’re always keeping busy with regards to work, whether it’s taking orders for artificial grass, answering customer queries or researching new, innovative ways to bring you the best quality products.

However recently, we’ve been busy acquiring new clients, one of which is the popular fashion website Boohoo! Adding Boohoo to our ever-growing list of clients is something we are all so proud of and they’ll be using our artificial grass for their internal fashion shows and for their website. So if you’re an avid Boohoo shopper, be sure to look out for our artificial grass when you’re browsing the site!

Acquiring a client such as Boohoo just goes to show how versatile and useful our artificial grass is. There are so many different applications; some you wouldn’t even think of. We’re really excited to be supplying Boohoo with artificial grass and we’re sure all the models will love it too. We wonder if they’ve ever walked on artificial grass before? There’s a first time for everything we suppose!

Our artificial grass is soft underfoot so we’re 100% sure they’ll enjoy using it as a runway or whatever else they choose to use it for. We’ll keep you posted on our work with Boohoo and may even have some pictures to show you very soon so keep checking back with our blogs!