The way you choose to display your garden has become a lifestyle choice. Some people opt for decking, others opt for pebbles, many like to go natural- whilst a handful of adventurous garden owners pick the artificial route. If you’re unsure what category works for you, here are a few benefits of artificial grass to aid your decision making process…

  1. It’s time to say “goodbye” to the days of slippery muddy lawns, footprints, pawprints and any other general bits of garden upkeep you had to do to prevent grass patches, because the use of artificial grass means you won’t have to put up with such inconveniences anymore!
  2. Artificial grass is very durable, which means that you can expect it to last for at least 10 years in most homes.
  3. It is child and pet-friendly and designed with both in mind. Not only does it look natural, but it feels soft and realistic too, so there is none of that ‘plastic’ feel associated with badly produced artificial grass.
  4. Artificial grass is pretty much maintenance free, aside from a quick fortnightly brush to prevent a build-up of natural occurring moss taking grip of the grass. That’s right, there’s no mowing, feeding or fertilising!
  5. Artificial grass is not affected by the weather, which means that it is practically weatherproof. To put it simply, the grass will not freeze over in winter, will not become slippery in rain and will not discolour under hot and humid temperatures.

Here at Great Grass, we are a leading supplier of artificial grass and think you’d be mad to choose any other alternative. Get in contact or visit our website to order your sample pack today!