It’s perfectly fine when a friend, family member or neighbour suggests something new; however most of the time, these people cannot answer our concerns about possibly purchasing the product they have recommended. That’s where we come in! Here at Great Grass, we’ve put together our top FAQ’s to help you weigh up the pros and cons that may come to mind as a first time artificial grass buyer…

  • Is artificial grass suitable for pets and children?

Yes! Artificial grass is made from a very soft material which means that it is soft enough for your pets to run around on and your children to explore on. In fact, because artificial grass requires very little maintenance, it means all the chemicals in weed killer and fertiliser now have no place on your new lawn and your furry friends and kids will not ingest it.

  • Will artificial grass endure all year round?

Artificial grass is practically weatherproof. This means that it is safe to use in the wet August months as the rain will not cause waterlogging or pose a danger to the children who may want to run around in their wellies. It will also not fade in colour in the hot summer months or freeze over during winter!

Sometimes it can be daunting to buy something new like artificial grass- however, here at Great Grass, we feel that our FAQ section should answer all your woes and worries! Get in contact with the best suppliers of artificial grass today for more information.