It’s fair to say that 2016 saw the popularity of artificial grass grow to unprecedented heights, as homes around the country opted for the more aesthetically-pleasing  and lower maintenance option. Artificial grass provides a number of benefits for gardens and lawns of any size, and it’s no surprise that it’s proving to be so popular- with the arrival of 2017, we only expect that popularity to keep on growing.

Whilst it’s true that the primary use of artificial grass is within homes and sport, its sheer versatility means that it has many other effective uses. For years, artificial grass has been used productively throughout a range of different exhibitions, and is proving incredibly popular with many event organisers due to the range of benefits it provides.

But why is artificial grass so important for exhibitions? Well, we’re here at Great Grass to run you through it…

  • Low Maintenance

The true beauty of using artificial grass throughout exhibitions lies in the fact that it requires very little looking after. This means that organisers can concentrate on other matters, and sleep a little bit easier in the knowledge that their artificial grass can look after itself. Our artificial turf is incredibly durable, meaning that it can handle high levels of footfall and heavy usage without showing any signs of wear and tear. With no mud or mowing involved, artificial grass has to be your number one choice!


  • Aesthetics

For any exhibitor, their main priority is going to be to get people interested with their stall and ultimately in what they have to offer. This means that the stand must be designed and laid out effectively, with eye-catching features that are sure to incite people to come and see what the exhibit is all about.


Well using some artificial grass is a great way of making an exhibit stand out, due to the vibrant colours and textures involved. This technique has been used by a countless number of exhibitors, and utilised by the reputable Bell Stone Associates– a leading company in exhibition stand design- where artificial grass was used during the 2016 Kwik Fit Conference to get people involved with a game of foot-golf.

It’s no secret that the stunning visuals provided by artificial grass will never fail to catch the eye, and it’s an incredibly cost-effective way of ensuring your exhibit looks that little bit different.

Artificial grass has many uses, which is what makes it such a valuable surface- and it just so happens that we are the UK’s leading artificial grass installers! If you require any further information as to the services that we provide, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.