Here at Great Grass, we’re quite proud of our product and we’ve worked hard to make it the best it can be. It has many unique qualities that make it such a joy to work with, and one of our favourites is its ability to be used in just about any situation you need it to be. The first you might think of, of course, is at home – and you certainly wouldn’t be wrong.

Our artificial grass makes for a perfectly practical garden that’s lush, resistant, and low-maintenance in equally impressive measures. You’ll only find yourself giving the grass a once-over with a brush, to reduce the build-up of things such as fluff and naturally occurring moss, and our innovative design will handle the rest. Even the worst of the weather is nothing to worry about, as an artificial lawn allows water and moisture to pass through it whilst resisting any potential damage or wear it might cause. Our grass is also fire and UV resistant, but we still throw in as much as a ten year guarantee to keep you absolutely covered!

Of course, the garden isn’t the only place where our artificial lawns can truly shine! As is the case especially with our Show Garden product, artificial grass is a perfect choice for use at events and exhibitions where its hard-wearing and resistant properties come to the forefront. Even under heavy use it can look as convincing and natural as the real deal, and even after a whole day it’ll still be looking as pristine as you would imagine. So, if you’re in need of that certain green touch, what are you waiting for?

Great Grass are the UK’s number one artificial grass suppliers, with a wide variety of top quality products just waiting to find use in an equally diverse selection of applications and environments. If you’re looking to create a lush green garden suitable for any weather, or you need a hard-wearing product ideal for use in exhibitions, we’re sure to have the ideal thing for you. Why not get in contact as soon as you can to see what we could do for you?