What’s the one chore you hate the most? We bet we guess it straight away. It isn’t doing the dishes, which can be done in a jiffy. It isn’t vacuuming, that’s a breeze with the latest technology. And we can be sure it’s not laundry, let’s face it, the washing machine does all the hard work for you. No, we bet the one chore you hate doing the most is mowing the lawn.

Mowing the lawn is frustrating, time-consuming and energy sapping – but it has to be done! Or does it? Did you know that if you replace your natural lawn with artificial grass you can say goodbye to that dreaded chore once and for all!

With all the rain we get here in Britain, it’s no wonder our lawns grow so quickly, meaning we have to mow our lawns so frequently – it feels like a constant battle! And it means we often have to mow the lawn IN the rain. Not a great feeling. But artificial grass doesn’t grow so you never have to mow!

Here at Great Grass, we are the largest suppliers of artificial grass in the UK. Other benefits of installing our artificial grass include that it’s:

  • Colourfast
  • UV resistant
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Flame retardant
  • Water resistant

There’s also no need for chemicals or pesticides and you never have to weed again. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some artificial grass today!