It’s no secret that a substantial dose of outdoor play is great for the kids. Not only does it prevent them from becoming cooped up indoors, it also provides them with an invaluable amount of fresh air and an opportunity to let their imaginations run wild. By getting outdoors, your children will become more active and ultimately healthier, while also seizing the chance to really act like the kids they are.

We all need to bear in mind just how long children can end up spending indoors, due to the daily routine of sitting in a classroom and then coming home to play with toys or video games. This culture leads to kids spending the majority of their time inside, when it’s so important for them to get outside and get active.

An exciting play area is a great way of getting your kids outside and into the fresh air, and artificial grass is an integral part of that. We’re here at Great Grass to run you through why you need to use our products when installing a children’s play area.

  • Safe

First and foremost, the safety of our children is always going to be primary concern. Our artificial grass products ensure that there will be no nasty grass burns or even any muddy falls. This means that you can sleep that little bit easier with the knowledge that your children are playing in a much safer environment, and that your artificial grass is just as soft as the natural stuff!

  • No Maintenance

The last thing you want is to install a play area and then constantly find yourself worrying about the state of the grass. With natural grass, you’d have to keep maintaining the surface to ensure that it remained child-friendly and that it didn’t start to look messy and unkempt. In contrast, artificial grass entails very little looking after and your children can play on it all year-round

  • No Damage

Our artificial grass products are all incredibly durable, meaning that it is the perfect surface for children to play on. You’ll no longer have to be concerned about the well-being of your grass, as our artificial turfs are more than capable of looking after themselves. Perfect for a game of football or just some running around on, our grasses need to be your number one choice!

Here at Great Grass, we are the leading supplier of artificial grass in the UK, and please get in touch if you’d like any further information on the products that we have available!